Have a Private Creative Event In the Lisle Studio

We would love to host your small group in the store! We can comfortably fit 6... 7/8 with a squeeze. We offer multiple project options for your group and if you don't see what you are looking for, please call the store and ask. 

All private events are required to have a minimum of 4 attendees or (4 attendees paid for) and last approximately 2 hours. Cost listed is per person.

Outside food and drink are allowed. There is parking in the rear of the building and streetside

Private workshops have a $50 party fee/non-refundable deposit. Registrations can be handled either as one payment or with attendees paying on their own through a link provided.

Each project has a asterisk next to it based on ability to "chat" during the workshop with the other guests.

1*- A little instruction beforehand, easy to talk with others during the project

2**- There will be instruction beforehand but time to talk while making the project

3***-Full instruction time is needed chatting might be difficult


Project options:

Monoprinting**- $43

Includes full tutorial, supplies, and each participant leaves with a matted artwork.

Floral Watercolor/ Mushroom/ Nature art Painting*** -$43

Includes full tutorial, supplies, and each participant leaves with a matted artwork. Just ask if you would like a different subject matter.

Acrylic Abstract painting workshop** - $47

Learn to paint the flow of abstract art. All materials provided. Each participant will create an 12 x 16 art piece.


Decoupage Ornaments or Trays**- $45

Each participant will leave with a completed art piece with decoupage dried flowers on it. 2-large ornaments or 1 glass plate or 1 vase


Watermarbling101 with note cards*-$43

Watermarbling is fun and easy. Create watermarbled (6) notecards + envelopes for custom stationary.

Mixed Media Journal Workshop**- $45

Create a journal cover using all kinds of papers, stamps, paint and more! Each person will leave with a completed journal.

Terrarium Planter Workshop*-$53

Each person attendee will create their own terrarium style planter and leave with a completed 8" planter.

If there are options you don't see or have seen a previous workshop not listed, please reach out to the shop!